Well, we are just past one month on this journey around the world and to describe it so far as epic would be a massive understatement. People always ask us what we expect to find in each country, what we expect to discover. I try to explain to them that every encounter is a surprise. Every country we land in, every corner we turn and every day that we adventure, we discover something new, we are surprised with something unexpected and we are blown away by something unbelievable. Today in Ecuador was the perfect example of how this entire trip has been one ‘best day of my life’ after another. Today, a joke I made turned into one of the best moments ever! It was the epitome of the Expedition 206 experience.

I promised myself long ago that I would always be a kid at heart. I think you can see it in the way that I explore life. So when we set off to the rain forest of Ecuador this morning, you could say that I was as happy as a kid in a candy store. There was a steady rain coming down as we started our trek into the forest. For me, that just added to the atmosphere, I mean, what’s a rain forest without the rain? It also did a great job of keeping the mosquitos away.

Our guide was super energetic and he had the bounce in his step of a child as he skipped, hopped and ran through the trail. Once he saw that I enjoyed this too, he made a game of it, seeing if I could follow in his footsteps, which I did adeptly. I was as surefooted as […]